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High profile business scammers getting busted keep surfacing in media report. The ones that steal millions…

How about the rest of these scammers? Business owners who dont pay their suppliers or staff. Real Estate Agents who scam clients, the small time crooks that people ignore.

They steal more collectively than the big ones, yet get no attention…

Expose them. Do it now. Do it anonymously if you want. They goal is to stop them, make it harder for them to scam others! And put a blinding spotlight on them that they can’t run from!

Anyone, anywhere can be blacklist and exposed to the world now! Warn everyone!

Everyone makes mistakes… Help other people to NOT make your mistakes again! Blacklist liars, cheaters, con artists and anyone, everyplace, and anything that should be avoided! 

Expose them online on … let the world know.. Anonymously! 

Stay warm this winter, and stay cool at the same time with this Limited Edition BlacklistPlanet hoodie. Only 50 being made to celebrate the first winter of the only global Blacklist!

Let everyone know you are a Blacklister! Scammers, cheaters, thieves and hustlers of the world beware! Stay warm while the Blacklisted are exposed and out in the cold!

(Source: … Are YOU on it?

It has started in Malaysia, right in Kuala Lumpur. is giving people worldwide a new way to fight what seems to be waves of unethical, and unscrupulous people and businesses. 

In a nation where Malaysian women often cheat on their mates, according to a recent survey that listed them among the most unfaithful lovers in the world. Some 39% of Malaysian women confessed that they cheated on their partners in the poll which covered 29,000 women in 36 countries.

The Malaysian women came third behind Ghana (62%) and Thailand (59%) in the worldwide survey carried out by condom producer Durex. In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33%) and Singapore (19%) respectively. No small wonder that this website will be seeing a lot of guys checking up their potential girlfriends or wives!

There are many review websites already existing worldwide. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, Cheaterville, and many more. There are groups for landlords, groups for tenants, groups for almost everything under the sun online.

BlacklistPlanet is different. It is for everything, everywhere. The first all-in-one website with a global focus.

We don’t want Hotel owners, or their friends, posting fake positive reviews or to hear from the staff at restaurants about how great the place is. Everyone has had it with the false positive postings on the typical review sites. wants the cold, hard truth. We demand Truth In Posting! 

So, it begins. A website not from the usual places like the USA, UK, or Australia. Blacklist is FOR everywhere, but from a new location for a new type of idea. 

Malaysia just recently made some changes to their laws, and one pertaining to internet postings. Evidence Act of 1950. They deal specifically with the internet. 

Section 114A of the bill seeks “to provide for the presumption of fact in publication in order to facilitate the identification and proving of the identity of an anonymous person involved in publication through the internet.” The law also allows that the originators of the content are those who own, administer, and/or edit websites, blogs, and online forums. Also included in the amendment are persons who offer webhosting services or internet access. And lastly, the owner of the computer or mobile device used to publish content online is also covered under section 114A. 

This means that a blogger or forum moderator who allows seditious comments on his or her site can be held liable under the law. An internet café manager is accountable if one of his or her customers sends illegal content online through the store’s WiFi network. A mobile phone owner is the perpetrator if defamatory content is traced back to his or her electronic device. 

BlacklistPlanet is not worried, and neither are the users that are logging in from around the globe already. Despite any laws, users can post freely and anonymously on BlacklistPlanet. Users are posting warnings in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia  Canada, Europe, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Expats from around the world are already commenting how useful the site will be, along with so many others.

As long as it is the truth, it stays up. If proof is demanded, it must be supplied or the post comes down. People want to hear the truth. We want to know if our significant other has a past that includes cheating. We want to know if a landlord doesn’t maintain the property, or scams deposits. Landlords want to know if their perspective tenants skip out on paying rent, or cause damage. 

If you’re an employee who steals, your time is up. All future employers will know you’re a thief. Are you a boss that sexually harasses your female employees? Guess what, chances are even your neighbors will find out. Your days are up. 

Everyone’s choices, even private ones, have public consequences. Think cheating on your wife is no one’s business? Guess who pays the judge that has to hear your divorce case? Other people! 

Cheaters, Liars, Scammers… bad businesses, faulty products… ANYONE, ANYPLACE, ANYTHING, and EVERYWHERE!!

Everyone, if you have something to hide, it’ll come out sooner or later. If you’re doing something you’d be embarrassed about if people knew, stop now before it’s too late! Karma has arrived. It’s online. And once you’re Blacklisted, you’re Blacklisted forever for the world to know about! Are YOU on it?


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